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About us


To breathe life into the city


Wall Greening….allowing buildings to breathe
and energizing people
Building a city full of greenery and enriching the soul
Creating a diverse environment
Giving every person room to breathe and enjoy a rich, healthy lifestyle
Utilizing energy conservation projects
Leaving behind a diverse environment
and natural food for the next generation
From ornamental to edible greens with state-of-the-art technology
We are building a symbiotic society

Business Description

1. Wall greening

There is an image that conventional wall greening takes time, leaves scratches on the wall, gets dirty, is difficult to manage, and is difficult to remove, but our easy wall greening is an unprecedented “greening” system for both indoors and outdoors

The planters can be freely combined in various shapes and sizes, and the pots can be inserted and removed from the planters. The planter has a structure that allows pots to be easily inserted and removed from the planter. Plants can be easily replaced. Anyone can easily enjoy greening.

2. Next-generation agriculture

The easy mobile three-dimensional cultivation wall was made in view of the current situation, and provides an inexpensive high-rise cultivation device with a simple structure. In addition, it is light in weight and has a clever structure, which makes it possible to move the strawberry & vegetable plant body, making it possible for strawberries & vegetables to have a traveling function from the farm. It is also suitable for growing crops for viewing, and is ideal for making “green” walls both indoors and outdoors.

Company Information

Company NameMaranatha, Inc.
Location470 Hamada Maisaka-cho Nishi-ku Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka-ken Japan
C.E.O.Wu (呉) 徳尚
Contact InfoTEL: 053-522-7705
M: 090-2831-4251
EMAIL: wu@maranatha.co.jp