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Green Walling Benefits

1. A living green wall purifies the air

Living plants greatly improve air conditions. A living wall of only 1 m2 extracts 2.3 kg of CO2 from the air annually and produces 1.7 kg of oxygen. Many studies have shown that plants and microorganisms in soil absorb harmful VOCs and convert them into compounds used by plants for food.

2. Wall Greening enhances happiness

Green walls clean the air, reducing health dissatisfaction such as headaches and respiratory inflammation, and increasing concentration and attention. In addition, various discomforts such as eye irritation, headache, sore throat and malaise are reduced. Absences due to illness are also significantly reduced in green offices where overall health is improved.

3. Insulation and heat retention – cool in summer and warm in winter

By installing wall greening, you can maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Plants have a transpiration effect, and the leaves and stems absorb the water sucked up from the roots as well as the water in the air, and the water is released to cool the body much like human sweating. During the summer, this action causes the water from the leaves and stems to draw away heat from the surroundings and lower the temperature. In addition, wall greening functions as a barrier to block the sunlight when it is hot and the gusts of wind when it is cold. Although it is not comparable to heating and cooling equipment, it has the effect of keeping the room temperature inside the building at an appropriate temperature throughout the year.

4. Energy saving effect

Energy saving (= energy reduction and efficiency )

One example of this is cleaning an air conditioner filter. Regular cleaning of the air conditioner filter will improve ventilation for the same amount of power. By improving the air permeability, the cool and warm air circulates morepowerfully, and the temperature effect of the air conditioner becomes faster, leading to energy savings.

There are many other ways to save energy, such as lowering the brightness of the TV / PC monitor to reduce the amount of electricity, or powering down electronic devices when not in use.

With wall greening installed, the building will be covered with green curtains over time.

The green curtain releases water for the purpose of cooling the body of the plant itself (= transpiration). In the summer, the transpiration of the plant becomes active. Then, the ambient temperature also drops, and the temperature rise in the room is suppressed. By suppressing the temperature rise in the room, it leads to lowering the electricity bill of the air conditioner (energy saving effect).

In addition, depending on the type of business (such as factory), laws stipulated for energy conservation will be supported.

5. Vertical gardens reduce ambient noise

Living walls act as sound barriers to buildings. They absorb 41% more sound than traditional façade and achieve up to 8dB reduction. Therefore, the environment is much quieter inside and outside the building, with noise levels similar to those found in nature.

6. Wall Greening reduces stress

Living and working in a lush environment has a positive effect on people’s well-being. The green office promotes a relaxing effect by reducing stress. Observing the plants for just 3-5 minutes can help lower blood pressure, relax the heart and muscles, and improve brain activity.

7. Increase productivity by greening the walls

Positive mood, which is directly related to well-being, facilitates the handling of complex tasks and more efficient decision making. Bathing in green encourages brain activity that leads to logical thinking and a more innovative approach. Studies have shown that productivity increases by 15% in an environmentally friendly workplace. Plants have a significant positive effect on employee satisfaction and productivity.

8. You can expect improvement of customer’s store residence time by greening the wall surface.

It’s not just company employees who can benefit. The green wall also has a positive effect on people other than the employees who spend a lot of time there. Especially in the case of stores and restaurants, the length of time a customer stays in the store is one of the guidelines for profitability. Wall greening has beneficial effects in the form of average time spent and customer experience satisfaction.

9. Wall greening adds value to the brand

A natural and sustainable look leads to increased brand value in addition to reducing energy costs. According to one survey, corporate buildings are considered a symbol of their environmental and social performance and can be attractive to job seekers and/or consumers. Wall greening can lead to an increase in the value of the building/property or brand/product.

10. More social interaction, less vandalism

Working and living in a green environment connects people. Even small scale green areas have been proven to have a positive effect on the social cohesion of the neighborhood. In this respect, green areas are less susceptible to attacks, violence and vandalism.

11. Wall greening provides a powerful “healing environment”

Green in a hospital setting accelerates patient recovery and shortens hospital stays. In a green environment, a person is more tolerant of pain. This powerful effect is also known as the “healing environment”. Just by looking at the environment where green plants, flowers and water predominate greatly accelerates recovery and reduce patient stress. What’s more, this effect is produced in just a few minutes.