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Next Generation Agriculture

In the conventional hydroponic cultivation of shrub plants such as strawberries and vegetables (lettuce, spinach, etc.), a majority of the work involves frequent bending at the waist, which continues from seedling to harvest, putting a heavy burden on the lower back and knees of the worker, causing back pain and knee problems. Traditional stone wall cultivation is difficult to mechanize like that along the Kuno Kaido in Japan, due to its location characteristics, and it puts a heavy physical burden on farmers. The six producers who are members of the union are mostly in their 60s, and the oldest is 73 years old. Therefore, a measure that enables cultivation with a comfortable working posture is desired.

 There are various techniques for elevated cultivation, but due to the high initial investment, elevated cultivation is currently only 15% to 20% widespread. In the case of high-rise cultivation, there are problems such as the need for a passage for workers (900 mm to 1100 mm) because the work is done while pushing the work trolley, and a more space-saving work system is required.

Especially in the Corona era, there is a need for a lifestyle that supports “avoid the Three Cs”. As a result of a survey of strawberry picking farms in Shizuoka prefecture, Japan, the number of customers has decreased by 30 to 70% compared to the average year, and tourist farms in particular are suffering more serious losses. At this rate, it is expected that the number of customers who come to pick strawberries in a closed greenhouse will decrease sharply in the era of coexistence with Corona. Therefore, it is desirable to have a new farm structure that avoids the Three Cs.

Business trip function from vegetable & strawberry farm to sales destination Zero fruit loss.

★ Expansion of new sales channels
★ How to pick strawberries and vegetables to avoid the Three Cs in the Corona era.
★ Since the strawberry cultivation wall can be easily moved, it is possible to build a hut with 4 to 6 strawberry walls, or
move the strawberry cultivation wall to a wide area to pick strawberries.
★ Keeps the produce fresh by not picking it until it reaches the customer’s hands.
★ Eliminates loss of vegetables and strawberries.
★ A fun experience of self-picking (harvesting by yourself).

The mobile three-dimensional cultivation WALL system is an innovative system that eliminates “fruit and vegetable loss” from the farm to the consumer’s hand.