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What is Green Walling?

Wall greening means greening outdoor and indoor walls with plant vegetation.

With global warming countermeasures such as carbon dioxide reduction and urban heat island countermeasures becoming global concerns, greening of building walls and rooftops is attracting more and more attention.

By increasing the green visibility rate (the ratio of greenery such as vegetation in the field of view) by greening the walls, you can create a beautiful and moist urban space.

It also has the effect of giving people peace and comfort by creating a rich living space that makes use of greenery.

By improving the image of the building with a high-quality green space, we can expect to increase brand power, the ability to attract customers, user satisfaction, and customer return rate.

In addition, various effects can be expected for wall greening, such as air purification, reflection mitigation, prevention of wall deterioration, conversion to green space, customer attraction effect, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CPR) activities.